More Than Just Pews and Pulpits

I believe we are in a season where God wants the church to be more than just pews and pulpits. People continue to set in pews and pastor's continue to speak from pulpits and our altars are empty. They hear the same sermons week after week but do nothing to change the culture around them. God has not called us to the pew or the pulpit... The business as usual mentality continues to cripple the church. 80% of Americans claim to be Christian and yet the majority are not in right relationship with God and struggle with a life of compromise. We have forgotten how to wrestle with God like Jacob. . . We have forgotten how to hear God in the still small voice like Elijah. . . We have forgotten how to fulfill the commission Jesus gave to the disciples... We have forgotten how to simply lead people to...
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Preaching the Word

Resurrected With Jesus,
There is nothing in the world I enjoy more than preaching the Word of God! When I was seventeen years old I was called to preach. I remember being approached by my concerned parents when the rumors filled their ears about me being called to preach. They did not know how to handle the news as they were very concerned about my future. It was not "Good News" to them. My life was planned out... you know a respectable life... go into the military, college, mortuary school. I had spoken to them about becoming a mortician and the possibility of attending a "Mortuary School" in Lexington, KY. I was greatly confused because a part of the calling on my life was when the Lord said, “I want you to bring the dead to me!” So I was ready to bring the physically dead to Him and not the Spiritually DEAD!

But . . . the Lord had other plans! Hallelujah! He saw something in me that no one else could see.

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