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God is Working in the Waiting!

 God is working in the waiting. How often do we feel stuck in the "in between"? In between life seasons...In between jobs...In between relationships. The "in between" feels like you'll be stuck waiting forever. But God is working in the waiting. God is even working in this season of the Covid-19 virus as well. When there is so much negativity ...

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Be Prepared - Prophetically What is Coming

 Be Prepared - Prophetically What is Coming  PLEASE READ - This may make the religious person mad but will cause the CHRISTIAN to REJOICE. The Lord has spoken to me and said . . . "BE PREPARED!"Being a Boy Scout was a privilege growing up; camping, learning good morals, and respect for God and country. The Boy Scout MOTTO was "BE PREPARED...

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Happy Thanksgiving

 Humanity suffers not only for what we do . . . but for what we fail to do.  We are not chastised for making mistakes but for failing to recognize and rectify them. Let us approach the Father with hearts of repentance this Thanksgiving. Let us be thankful for grace and mercy and recognize only because of Jesus we are saved and set free fr...

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Guilt Guilt is the biggest weapon in the enemies arsenal. There are several others but when guilt hits a believer we tend to retreat or come to a standstill and not move forward into our divine destiny. Satan used guilt on Adam and Eve and they hid from the Lord in the cool of the day.  He uses it on Christians to keep us from approaching God ...

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Standing in the Footsteps

5C91FF21-24FE-4611-AFA3-03E86BD698C3 John Wesley’s Bible/Prayer Room

I have entered my thirty first year of ministry.  I can truly say that I have been blessed. This week I have the privilege of preaching at Yelvington Camp meeting located nearOwensboro Kentucky.  I was thinking this morning how awesome it is to be preaching the same place that Billy Sunday preached many years ago.  Billy Sunday was k...

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