About Resurrection Lifestyle

 In the Spring of 1987 Ric had a divine visitation from the Lord of what his future held in teaching, preaching, evangelism, and healing. In October of 2012 Ric was at a gathering in Kentucky where he was singled out by Heidi Baker and He was told by her, “The anointing John Wesley carried is an anointing you carry.  You had a visitation many years ago from the Lord. During the visitation the Lord said he would tell you when was time to enter into your full calling. The Lord is saying, ‘IT IS TIME. IT IS TIME. IT IS TIME!’”

In July 2017, Ric moved into his true calling— (after 27 years in serving seven different congregations which rapidly grew and saw renewal).  Ric knows he is in God’s perfect will as he sees people come to the Lord to be saved, healed, delivered, and set free. 

Ric was truly blessed when the Lord brought is amazing wife Karen to him. She is a wonderful asset to the ministry, a true helpmate, as they are called to serve together. In July of 2013, Karen stood up in faith to be prayed for at the ‘Voice of  Apostles’ conference in Orlando, Florida asking the Lord give them a baby. As an act of faith and walking out her prayer, Karen prepared a nursery and bought baby clothes while living in Virginia.  Nine months to the day after she stood up, they received a call from the Department of Human services about a nine week old baby girl who needed a home. On January 10, 2017 Ric and Karen gave Hannah Morgan a forever home as her adoption was complete.

Ric brings energy, passion, and renewal wherever he is asked to share the “Good News.” Your church, event, or conference will be enhanced as the Word of God will be proclaimed and demonstrated and as you come to understand what it is to live a “Resurrection Lifestyle!”

Ric is available to come to your setting and do:

  • Holy Spirit Encounters (Usually a Weekend event)
  • Identity Encounters (Usually a Weekend event)
  • Revivals/Renewal Events  (3 -4 - or 5 Days)
  • Large Conferences 
  • Camp Meetings
  • Evangelism Training
  • Prayer Events
  • Church Growth Events
  • Retreats
  • Youth Events
  • Young Adult Retreats
  • Ric Sings as well

Invite Ric to come and show others how to have a "RESURRECTION LIFESTYLE". He is ready to share the LOVE of Jesus and His Resurrection Power with you.  

Ric also has a heart for overseas events. He desires to take the gospel to the whole world.

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