Discovering Your Identity - Part 1

 A Deeper Walk With Jesus: A True Identity In October 2007, Abraham Abdallah, a 32-year-old former dishwasher, pleaded guilty in a New York court to masterminding the biggest identity theft attempted so far. He was attempting to fraudulently gain over $US 80 million. He had 800 fake credit cards as well as 20,000 credit card blanks in his poss...
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The Heart of the Father

 The Heart of the Father Do you ever wonder how Father God processes the backslidden nature of humanity? Do you think His heart is grieved as He sees how far we have moved from His direct requirement to live morally with Him and each other.We see His commandments broken daily by church leaders, church goers, politicians, and people as we go ab...
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A Place I Like To Hang Out

 A Place I Like to Hang Out... Do you remember riding around in a car at night as a teenager looking for friends to hang out with. We called it "cruising". I have to admit, I was looking for trouble and usually found it. There is a place I like to hang out now that has been provided by Jesus; it is at the corner of MERCY and GRACE. MERCY is de...
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TRUTH vs. Political Correctness

 Truth vs Political Correctness Who convinced the church to preach without offending others? Why has political correctness replaced biblical truth? 2 Timothy 4:3 "For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their ...
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Resurrection Lifestyle - GOD Use Me!

use-m_20180503-153359_1 Resurrection Lifestyle - Use Me Lord
If we all had one desire in common, it would be to be used of God.Sometimes that seems so out of reach.We feel as though we're not qualified or that we don't have enough Bible knowledge or Spiritual maturity to be used by God.  So the question is, "What kind of people does God use?" I believe in looking at Scripture we discover the answer to t...
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