Standing in the Footsteps

5C91FF21-24FE-4611-AFA3-03E86BD698C3 John Wesley’s Bible/Prayer Room
I have entered my thirty first year of ministry.  I can truly say that I have been blessed. This week I have the privilege of preaching at Yelvington Camp meeting located nearOwensboro Kentucky.  I was thinking this morning how awesome it is to be preaching the same place that Billy Sunday preached many years ago.  Billy Sunday was k...
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A Troubled Heart

  A Troubled Heart Fear and Anxiety have a way of overtaking one who believes the subliminal lies of the enemy.  Atmospheric demonic spirits lurk in the shadows awaiting for misfortune and unforeseen circumstances so they can play havoc with our minds and emotions. Since the fall of humanity, Satan and the forces of hell have been se...
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Calling to Repentance and Holiness!

  Where are the morals and standards we were raised with? What has happened to right and wrong? Why has good become bad and bad become good?  There has been a major shift in moral standards in the past few years not only in the culture but also within the church. The demonic influence of political correctness...where we are more concerned...
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Come Out - Come Out!

  Come out! Come out! Wherever you are! We have entered into a time of lulling in the church; "A falling away." It is disconcerting to watch the church accept false doctrine and deviate from orthodox truth. Paul wrote Timothy warning this, 2 Timothy 4:2-5, "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all ...
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921B8415-327D-4C5D-B324-24B08AF91D35 Distractions
Distractions!!! Have you notice all that is going on I the world to bring people to a mindset of hopelessness? It's obvious the spirit of lawlessness and a spirit of anti-christ is at work. The church denomination I love and serve divided over human sexuality issues. The government politicians radically divided over defining the constitution and ca...
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