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God is Working in the Waiting!

 God is working in the waiting.

How often do we feel stuck in the "in between"? In between life seasons...In between jobs...In between relationships. The "in between" feels like you'll be stuck waiting forever. But God is working in the waiting.

God is even working in this season of the Covid-19 virus as well. When there is so much negativity being reported it is difficult to see the promises of God.

God promises to never leave us.
God promises to finish what He's started.
God promises He will always be willing to help us when we ask.
God promises in the waiting will be blessings.

Whatever you're waiting for know God has already worked out the ending—keep you're eyes on Jesus, your heart filled with love and just watch Him turn a season of waiting into a season of expectation and a season of expectation into your (our) breakthrough!

Be encouraged. Be expectant.
God is working in the waiting!

Written In His love-
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