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5 Kernels of Corn

I read this and had to share.  Happy Thanksgiving!

The tradition in our home is to place 5 kernels of corn at everyone's place at the table and recount the story that has been passed down for generations. These 5 little kernels have played a big part in our Thanksgiving story here at StoneGable!

The story goes…

On Nov. 11, 1620 the Mayflower landed on the Northern tip of Cape Cod bringing a group of people searching for religious freedom. We call them the Pilgrims.

It was not easy to settle in a new place… a new world. It was very hard and the Pilgrims suffered greatly.

Winter set in and it was cold and food was in short supply.

It is said that during the cold and harsh winter of 1621, that sometimes only 5 kernels of corn were rationed out to eat.

No matter how small something is… if we see it as a blessing, it's huge!


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