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The Ultimate Graduation

AD4650FB-BFA9-4B04-B364-F55F7D217764 Casting our Crown
The Ultimate Graduation

I have noticed so many graduation pictures on Facebook and it has caused me to think about our FINAL ULTIMATE GRADUATION.

We will stand before the FATHER receiving our crowns of life and casting our crowns before HIM like the 24 elders. An amazing moment . . .

For many, they think life is complete when they finish High School, College, their Masters, or a Doctorate. However, life will continue to bring test after test and trial after trial and even an occasional pop quiz.

Just to let everyone know when this life is over there is a FINAL EXAM! You have to pass it in order to spend eternity with the Lord.

If you fail - well . . . It's Hell - You want to PASS!

Jesus has given us ALL the answers - He took the test first. He is ready to show you how to pass and will even give you a FREE tutor who will be with you until the day of the FINAL EXAM.


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