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The Eye Gate

Before I write this... I PROMISE... I am in a GOOD MOOD.

Have you ever thought about all the movies that have dead people walking around like zombies? I am not a fan, but I think it is a prophetic insight to what God is speaking to the body right now. I believe God wants to bring resurrection life to the body of Christ (the ecclesia).

Many of us have become desensitized to the gore and flesh as we watch the daily news. Our eye gate has been over taken by violence and our minds are full of images of destruction and devastation. We believe in the Ten Commandments and are strict about obeying them. We tell ourselves, "I do not kill or still." However, we do not even have a second thought about what we allow into our eye gate which penitrates the mind and then the heart. We have no problem justifying each day what we watch on the news, TV, internet, or in our local theaters. The enemy continues to flood the airways with behavior he endorses. Satan continues to preach his doctrine of STEALING...KILLING...and total DISTRUCTION!

Scripture says,

“Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable--if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise--dwell on these things.” Philippians 4:8 (HCSB).

Therefore, I believe we need to ask ourselves questions as our eye gate is open and we view such things:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it honorable (bring honor)?
  • Is it about justice (no hurt or harm toward others)?
  • Is it about purity, is it lovely, and is it commendable toward others?
  • Most important, does it lead you to MORAL EXCELLANCE?

If so…THINK or let your mind DWELL on THESE THINGS!

The CHURCH, God’s government (declaring ambassadors) now have crude personal lifestyles and have compromised true HOLINESS. The church has lost the respect of the unbeliever who is continually watching us. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HOLINESS! Today the church is preaching a false gospel of acceptance, tollerance, and no one speaks on SIN or HELL! Like Jesus we must encounter those who sin and tell them to,"Go and sin no more." The "Good News" is Jesus died that we might have life and escape the wrath created for Satan and his demons.

I know you are thinking, "What about LOVE?" The Good News is that LOVE corrects! LOVE hopes! LOVE believes! LOVE gives! LOVE sacrifices! LOVE never fails! GOD IS LOVE! God out of LOVE sent His son, Jesus to die that we could be forgiven and have life. God is the true demonstration and definition of LOVE.

Many who call themselves "christian" think and act like infidels. . Why? Because many have allowed their eye gate to swing wide open to let the enemy intrude on their personal mental territory.

Scripture says in 2 Corinthians. 10:5, " . . . and (bring) every high-minded thing that is raised up against the knowledge of God, taking every thought captive to obey Christ.

We have to remember the enemy is a schemer, conniving, and convincing...he continues to steal, kill, and destroy.

Every thought the enemy places in our minds must come under the obedience of Jesus Christ. The eye gate is where we see and thought processes begin to mislead even the very elect. We see people who are decieved into believing lies everyday and they cannot tolerate the TRUTH Jesus offers. It is truly sad when people who call themselves "the body of Christ" are living under the deception of the enemy as their minds have been suduced by the airways of dishonesty.

  • The enemy loves the politically correct.
  • The enemy loves those who compromise Biblical truth and eat of tree of knowlege of good and evil.
  • The enemy loves those who allow their eye gate to be left open and believe the nonsense of talking heads who continue to preach with slithering tongues and teach the doctrines of demons.

Have you ever been in a wax museum?

I love seeing photographs of friends who have visited wax museums; the crazy poses, kissing Mariyln Monroe; shaking the hand of Abraham Lincon. It is amazing how an artist can make them look almost alive. When we look at the lifelike wax forms, an eerie feeling overwhelms us. The wax figures are so convincing we believe they could move at any moment. We glare at the wax figures in awe and astonishment.

Looking at these wax figures, they remind me of the church. The lost people of the world are looking for hope wanting us to awake out of our stiff positions. They are looking for some type of movement, a glimpse of hope. The world knows we as the church has the correct answers. Something happend to cause us to become hard and rigamortis set in on a dead church. We have lost the passion and drive to move beyond the church buildings (museums or mausoleum may be a better word). We need a HOLY GHOST FIRE in our WAX MUSEUMS.

  • We need preachers who will preach with a believing passion.
  • We need preachers who do not criticize the book but live by it's words.
  • We need pulpits …that have some PULL.
  • We need Holy Ghost convicition bringing change to hearts, tears to eyes, and strides toward walking in righteousness.

It is time for the wax to melt in the museums. It is time for the zombies get up and walk out of the cold mausoleums.

The world is waiting on the true Church to arise and demonstrate Holy Spirit's power, God's love, and the goodness of Jesus. They want to see a God who ALIVE in us!

There was a Rabbi who lived two thousand years ago who was dead and walked out of a tomb early on the first day of the festival of Firstfruits.

He is the first one who was raised from the dead.

Church it time for us to come out of our tombs.

It is time to close our museums where amusement has ceased.

Let us walk out of our mausoleums and show the world the Jesus is the resurrection and the life!

He is alive and living in us! I can hear the wax dripping! I can hear a mighty wind blowing, Jesus is breathing on us, He is bringing resurrection life to His bride.

NOW Stand up and start walking!
Resurrection LIFE! By the way... I am still in a good mood.

Ric Wright

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