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The Coming Renaissance

 The Coming Renaissance

There is just not a revival coming. . . There is a Renaissance coming! Renaissance means "rebirth"... we are now going through labor pains as a culture and Bride of Christ. We are about to see the greatest move of God the world has ever known.

God is going to pour out his Spirit as we have never seen before.

Judgment has already taken place, it took place as God poured out his wrath upon Jesus and the whole world was judged. Now we are to position ourselves for blessing and live according to His Word. When individuals do not live according to the law of the Spirit in Messiah, Jesus they bring judgement as they continue to practice lawlessness.

Therefore let us seek His presence not living in fear and confusion. But let us live in power demonstration of His love to who ever come in contact with. Let us walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh.

Blessings will come!
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