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Let’s Do All We Can



With all going on in the world today - many have become discouraged and stopped coming together with believers. Many have allowed their consciences to become dead and have been seduced by the lies of the enemy and are living is discouragement, depression, and fear.

My whole life I have thought,"Wouldn't it be great to live in Biblical times . . . "

Well look at the time we are living in . . . This is Biblical times!!!

We do not have time to be lulled into the delusion and deceptive tactics of the enemy. The enemy has dulled our spiritual senses and many are intoxicated with the enemies arrows allowing to be pulled away from the Father's presence.


It is time for us to knock off a spirit of slumber which has caused many to become numb.

It is time to ignore the many distractions and seek HIM - seek truth. Many are being deceived by the organized tactics of the enemy!

Get on your knees!
Get on your face!
Seek the Lord with all your heart and be empowered with Holy Spirit and let's win as many into the Kingdom as we possibly can . . .

Time is of the essence . . .

Luke 19:13 says:

13 Calling ten of his servants,he gave them ten minas, and said to them, 'Engage in business until I come.'

Let's do what we can . . .
While we can. . .

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