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If we all had one desire in common, it would be to be used of God.Sometimes that seems so out of reach.We feel as though we're not qualified or that we don't have enough Bible knowledge or Spiritual maturity to be used by God.  So the question is, "What kind of people does God use?" I believe in looking at Scripture we discover the answer to this question.

First, God uses ordinary people.  If you look at the Old Testament, Moses, David, Deborah, Ruth, and countless others seem to be unlikely candidates that God would use.Even when Jesus calls the disciples, He calls common people. This is a distinctive quality in Jesus as Rabbi.Traditionally, a young man who had studied the law and found worthy to continue in the pursuit of becoming a Rabbi, would ask the Rabbi to be his student (Talmidian). Not so with Jesus.  Jesus seeks out His followers, and one fourth of them are just common fishermen (full grown).  Most disciples followed Rabbi’s at a younger age like James and John.   Jesus chose the common person to follow him.  This is so refreshing.

Also, it seems that God uses people who are persistent and patient.In looking at the life of Joseph, it is hard to imagine how one individual could have been so persistent to endure so much hardship while never doubting or questioning God.  Perseverance is a greater resource than ability. Likewise, fishermen are a patient and a persevering breed.  A good fisherman always goes back into the same waters that discouraged him and tries again.  This is a quality Jesus looks for in those He can use.

Recently, I preached a conference with Wil Hart where he talked about obedience.  He spoke of how God uses people who are obedient and referencing the disciples who had worked all night and said this, "One of the greatest faith statements in the Bible is found in Luke 5:5, 

"Nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net."

So many times, it is easy to trust in our own abilities or skill and when things don't work out just give up.God is looking for individuals who will say, "in spite of doubt, discouragement, disillusionment, failures of others, personal setbacks, personal failure, I will let down the net."  God wants people who will just be obedient to what he asks them to do.

God uses people who are visionaries.  When thinking of Nehemiah, he goes back to rebuild the city of walls of Jerusalem because he is a person of vision.  In fact, he has enough vision and foresight to know that it can be done even when others stand against him. Vision inspires loyalty.  God wants people who are visionaries as well as loyal to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The disciples left everything and followed Him.

How are you following Him today?  Are you someone Jesus can use?  Deny self - take up the cross - follow HIM!

Live a Resurrection Lifestyle!

Ric Wright

Evangelist - Revivalist

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